Oxhey Village Green, Hertfordshire

New Build Houses

Working in consultation with local residents and environment groups, we designed two new 1,800 sq.ft, traditional style houses on Oxhey Village Green, Hertfordshire.

There was a strong local desire that the design of these houses set a standard for future developments within the village, and local feedback indicates that we were successful in doing so, with all parties involved being delighted with the outcome.

"I am the Village Liaison Officer for the Oxhey Village Environment Group ..... overlooks Oxhey Green, a pleasant haven, bounded by Attenborough's Fields - a well managed unspoilt area with oak trees, ponds and ponies. The Development has turned out to be a credit to the Architect. It reflects all the good points in the Village and has been built exactly as shown in the plans. This in itself is a tribute to the strictness of the specification placed on the builders. a challenge, which they rose to and were justifiably proud of the end result. OVEG supported this development based on the plans, we now endorse it on the nearly completed houses.  This of course helps us - we are already using it as the yardstick for future developments."
Alan Luto VLO OVEG.

"..... my family have recently had the pleasure of moving into one of your wonderfully designed houses. Every time we draw up at the house we stand back and admire the attention to detail in all aspects of the design of the house but particularly the brickwork. Equally, every visitor we have and every local resident that passes by can't help but comment on how wonderfully designed the home is. So a big thank you and much credit - it is the start of a piece of history" Resident